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Kristin received her Doctoral Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Illinois, Chicago. She has been studying and applying numerous methods of natural health for the past 25 years. Her primary areas of interest are Live Blood Cell Analysis & Darkfield Microscopy, Reversing Cognitive Decline using the Bredesen Protocol, Genetic (DNA) Analysis and Nutrition, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Neurofeedback with Photo-Stim, Neurotransmitter Imbalance Assessment, and Endocrine (Adrenal & Thyroid) Imbalances. She utilizes homeopathy, whole food nutrition, herbs and supplements to help bring balance to the body.

Kristin has certifications in Live Blood Cell/Darkfield Microscopy, Reversing Cognitive Decline from The Institute for Functional Medicine, Genetic-DNA Analysis, Epigenetics, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Neurofeedback, HOCATT, Immunology, Herbal Medicine, Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field, and Causes of Illness. Kristin guest lectures for various health professionals, athletic organizations, natural health groups, women’s groups, and senior groups.

Kristin enjoys working with adults and children who are interested in maintaining or regaining health. She believes that our Creator God has given the human body tremendous capacity to heal itself. At Health His Way each person receives help with lifestyle changes for optimal health.