When it comes to nutritional needs, people are as different as their fingerprints. Recent breakthroughs in genetic science have shown there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and supplements. When the body is deficient in minerals, amino acids, essential oils and other basic nutrients that it needs- health challenges can occur. Assessing neurotransmitter, hormone, adrenal and thyroid function are important in getting to the root of many problems, however, discovering DNA methylation pathway mutations is often necessary in solving many health challenges. Everyone has some level of genetic variation in their DNA, even though it was once thought to be a rare occurrence. Variants in DNA can impact your ability to make and use different nutrients critical for reducing inflammation, healthy circulation, promoting a strong immunity, supporting emotional health, proper removal of the dangerous toxins we are exposed to as well as slowing the aging process.

Genes are passed from parent to child one copy from the mother and one copy from the father with each and every cell containing a set of genetic instructions. When an existing cell divides to make a new cell, it copies its set of genetic instructions. However, sometimes these instructions are copied incorrectly, like a typo, which leads to variations in the DNA sequence. This is called a single nucleotide polymorphism or SNP (pronounced snip). Most SNPs do not cause any observable differences. But the location and total number of SNPs a person has may influence their susceptibility to disease or impact how they react to certain drugs or even specific foods.

Genetics testing also complements blood, urine and saliva testing to provide a complete picture of what each person needs for optimal support. If we understand how someone’s genetic variances affect how they methylate, handle oxidative stress, make neurotransmitters and clear toxins, we can understand their health challenges and provide the support they need. Taking a supplement that might be good for one person may not work for someone else or possibly be harmful. 

The practice of functional medicine is on the rise. We are no longer looking to treat the symptom, now we are getting to the root cause of illness through genetic saliva testing. Understanding how DNA impacts human health is revolutionizing the future of nutritional support. This practical, forward-looking approach of supporting genetic variants is based on scientific evidence and this approach is helping people find answers to their health challenges like never before.

If you are interested in finding out your genetic DNA to either maintain the good health you are currently experiencing or if you are having some health challenges and need to know how to wisely support your body with supplements that are good for you and not harmful, please call to make an appointment. 

I am certified in Genetic DNA Nutrition Analysis and the DNA chip that I utilize in my practice is far more comprehensive than the other popular genetic companies that only test for a very small fraction of the health related SNPs. With a simple cheek swab, our test examines an impressive 800,000 SNPs. The information you learn from your DNA may be the most significant information needed to maintain or regain your health.