Neurofeedback is an emerging technology that is gaining worldwide acceptance through continual positive case studies and research. It has been well documented that people who suffer neurological problems have abnormal brain waves in certain areas of the brain. For instance, case studies using QEEG brain maps? have shown that people with Attention-Deficit-Disorder (ADD) have elevated delta brainwaves, while those who suffer from depression have elevated alpha brainwaves. Those with anxiety will have elevated Beta brainwaves, while those suffering from memory loss usually have decreased theta brainwaves.

Training the brain using neurofeedback, by simply watching a movie or listening to music, can change these brainwaves permanently over time, adjusting them into normal, healthy ranges. It can improve alertness, attention, emotional regulation, behavior, cognitive function, and mental flexibility. When the brain moves back into normal ranges, users will often see a reduction in symptoms. Research has shown symptoms that are clinically responsive to neurofeedback can include ADD, Addiction, Anxiety, Autism, Depression, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, OCD, Traumatic Brain Injury and more. Our neurofeedback therapy is enhanced with the addition of Photostim Light Therapy.

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